03 - 06 - 07

Some old guardtowers close to the place I live in Spain. I really like the texture on the weathered stonework.

01 - 06 - 07

New theme! Hope you like it.

27 - 05 - 07

This concept art was inspired by a theater setup I worked in. It is a post-apocalyptic cleanup crew sounding the name `The Gathering Men.ī So here is an ink illustration and two concept pieces.

13 - 05 - 07

During a trip to Granada I got inspired to make this poster. There was a lot of nicely done graffiti there and it is obvious that it is a student city with a lot of counterculture.

This is a visual identity I made for a music festival at my school called SOTO*ROX. It's three backstage passes and the ticket.

03 - 05 - 07

This is the poster for a short movie I made. It's about one of my friends getting his head shaved. I tried to use a lot of closeup shots, inspired by the camera handeling in Oliver Stone's 'Natural Born Killers'. It is trying to tell somethig, iI'm not quite sure what it is yet though. Maybe something about growing up and shedding your old self... Hopefully it will get decent reception when I show it.

Poster - Photograph + Photoshop

23 - 04 - 07

Here is the final vector of the front page sketch. I feel I'm starting to get the hang of vector drawings now.

Singer - Vector Drawing

19 - 04 - 07

One little sketch I made for a school music festival. It is going to be put on the front page of the program. Made in Inkscape from a sketch I vectorized.

Singer - Vector Drawing

20 - 03 - 07

I donít know if Iím late or something, but this is my first go at vector drawing. The drawing was originally a watercolour sketch, but my scanner crapped out on me so I couldnít scan it. So I figured I might as well take a picture of it and vectorize it. So this is the result, The Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle - Vector Drawing

It is for the Stylized Animal Challenge at you may have noticed, I have been linking to this challenge a couple of times now, and I would suggest that you take a look. It is challenging and it also got some great prizes!

06 - 03 - 07

I've done some minor changes to the website. I removed some content and added some new. One of the new additions was a entry I made for the Guy's Calander at They include the final watercolor painting and some sketches.

Title: Lumberjack<br />
              Media: Watercolor Lumberjack - Pen and Marker Lumberjack - Pen and Marker Lumberjack - Pen and Marker

Here are some concept art I drew during the winter holydays. The three first ones are for a desert race of people. The last one is a inking excercise and also a stab at some dynamic anatomy.

Swordfighter - Pencil Ambush - Pencil Cyborg - Pencil Dancer - Pencil

I'm also working on an oil painting of some luchadores. For those who are ot familiar with mexican masked wrestling, well, you just have to wait and see. It's my second oil painting so I'm still trying my hand in the medium, but I have to say I like it very much.

15 - 02 - 07

I got featured in Blanket Magazine with my URBAN picture from last month. If anyone is interested they can download this magazine from here. It is a great piece of digital bound paper.

Here are also two recent pictures I made for competitions in the Thunderdome at Concept Art.

Octopus - Watercolor Raven - Ink and Wash

Right now the furnace project is on hold. The new crucible, which I thought would hold, didn't. So now my last option is to get a graphite one, but they're quite expensive, and I have to get it shipped to Spain.

19 - 01 - 07

Yet again I tried to fire up the furnace. My new crucible, a steel pot, held up to the heat of the furnace. I need to put in some more charcoal though, since I still can't melt metal with it. I tried to make a blast shield this time to catch the sparks, but the brick I put over the hole exploded because of the heat. It still looks like a giant firework when I fire it up.

Furnace - Photography Furnace - Photography Furnace - Photography

Here is a poster I made with the sculptures I've made the last month. It is for a competition at Don't Panic and it isn't going to well now. So if anyone wants to give me a vote go to this link.

Dream Creatures - Junk

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